Interface Components:

Those below are the interface components that we have at the moments. We can design customized interface components starting at a price $20/component. Each component can be duplicated unlimited for interface design. For more information and prices please contact us at:


Image Window: image window to display images.

IMediaPlayer: included in base IMCS. Can play any media file.

IRecordAVIScreen: included in base IMCS. Record video to avi files.

IXYGraph: display XY graph. Test steps output the right XY graph format can be hooked up to this display just by telling this object name.

IEngine: included in base IMCS. Run engine. It has start, stop, single or continuously run features. Also can load the last run results in XML format in an internet explorer.

ICurrentTime: an object to show the current time. For interface decoration.

ITextBox: use to show comments or results from the test steps in the string format.

ICamcorderSymbol: a camera symbol. It can blink. For decoration usage.

IEyeSymbol: eye symbol. Decoration usage.

ICircuitBoardSymbol: circuit board symbol. Decoration usage.

IFatText: another text box with fat font for show for example pass/fail result or any other message need to be high lightened.


Test Modules

iCall LV vi: call external LabVIEW vi in a separate thread. But still have access to the previous test step results and pass the feedback to IMCS.

iCall DLL: call external DLL functions. Have access to previous test results and pass feedback to IMCS.

iCommand Prompt: used to call EXE or any other program via command line.

iCall Sequence: call sub sequence. Number of times will work like a looping for this sub sequence. Itíll be aborted if the main sequence is aborted.

Others ranging from vision steps, message, dialog, timer, digital I/O, analog I/O. Please contact us for details. If we donít have the steps that you want, we can design for you. Price starting at $20/step.